Friday, November 21, 2014


     Below is a copy of the exact text of my E-Mail to my Congressional Representative concerning Obama's latest 'Executive Order' on amnesty for ILLEGALS that are INSIDE our borders.

     I don't know about you, but I have seen first hand what other countries do to people who VIOLATE BORDERS and it isn't pretty. So I have to wonder what the fuck is wrong with the USA? Have we, truly, become a nation of pussies. We ALLOW all these illegals (NOT Immigrants, by the way) to just saunter on in? Have we NO sovereignty? 

     I could go on and on with this so here is the Email:

Greetings Mr. Posey,

     I am truly disgusted that I have come to a point in my life that Requires Me to contact my Congressman in a negative manner.

     As a constituent of yours, I want to know why YOU have done NOTHING about the Impeachment of President(sic) Obama. One violation of the Constitution after another and you have done NOTHING! Not a peep. He has crossed a line of outrage that DEMANDS ACTION.

     I do a lot of reading, daily, and I am here to tell you that the rumbling sounds from We the People are getting very loud and pronounced. This latest end run around Congress is the last straw. If Congress does NOTHING about this, I fear this Country will experience a Second Revolution.

     I have no desire to be killed in such a needless conflict, but my OATH to Protect AND Defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, Foreign and Domestic, will compel me to do exactly that. Therefore it is incumbent on YOU to lead the charge to stop such a thing from happening, by calling for Obama's Impeachment at the top of your lungs! On all available media! Now!

     A foreign policy based on intervention and war will not save the US. A space race will not save the US. Growth will not save the US. Taxes will not save the US. Immigration will not save the US. The US dollar is lost, thanks to the the PRIVATE BANK called the FED. 

     RECLAIMING the CONSTITUTION will save the US. Crooked and lying Politicians being held accountable and going to jail will save the US.

     To date, YOU have been the only Politician I have deemed worthy of my vote. That is now in question. I need you to ACT NOW to restore my faith before all is lost. I charge you, as MY Representative, to begin the Restoration of The Republic! You represent Me and that is your DUTY. Not only to me, but to the Republic as a whole. Do your duty, Sir.


Robert D. Williams
Veteran, US Navy

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