Saturday, November 8, 2014


     While I do peruse numerous sites each morning for news and information, I will bring to the table ones that have a greater meaning for me. Articles or just plain commentary that I feel strongly about.

     Like these for example:

Citizen's Arrest of Entire Council:  One man, alone, stood up for the Rights of We The People and the Sheriff BACKED HIM UP. All to often, 'Councils' try to keep the public out of their meetings. Clandestinely planning the future course of whatever they happen to be the Council of. This is a HUGE problem with our society today.

FDA Approves GMO Potato for HUMAN consumption:  With a majority of people in the US voicing concern over GMO's, you would think that the FDA would halt or postpone any new ones. Personally, I stay as far away as possible from GMO anything. I have read too many studies that PROVE the fact that GMO food alters/damages our DNA. (I also steer clear of as much Processed Food as I can.)

Florida Man Feeds Homeless and Gets Cited: More and more, being homeless is becoming a crime. My question is this: Why not just print a pamphlet outlaying what we CAN do, have or say? It would be cheaper than printing huge tomes of all the things we CAN'T do, have or say. Our Gubment sends so much of OUR tax money to feed others in countries across the globe, but here at home they are making feeding those who are hungry a crime. It is bullshit to the Nth degree. Where are We The People(WTP)? They should be storming City Hall and demanding the ordinance be struck down. (Who wanted the ordinance in the fist place? THAT is the name I want.)

Voting in Amerika: OK. I know David Icke says some things that make even my eyes roll, but he is dead right about BOTH sides of our current political paradigm being OWNED by the SAME people. Think about it. Ron Paul once asked: "Why, when we are voting, are we always choosing the LESSER of two evils when we should be voting for the GREATER of two goods".

Using LAW to Force Vaccines: This is just plain WRONG! Do some research on Herd Immunity. You will see the fallacy. Then do some research on the ingredients of vaccines. It will turn your stomach. I, personally have NOT received a vaccine in over a decade. Guess how many times I got the flu in that time?.......I haven't. When I did get vaccines, I ALWAYS got sick. Now I don't. Proof enough for me. There are NO arguments on this front that will get me to change my mind. It's MY immune system and I will let it do it's job WITHOUT Gubment intrusion. (This is also one thing that really chaps my ass.

Addiction and Insanity: I will save you a rant. The article is SPOT ON and I agree.

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