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Content Warning!

     If the following does not make you ill to your are a psychopath/!
     If you are too weak of mind/will do not proceed!

     I can't go on........

      Suffice to say, the cases are so numerous these days that people are starting to engage in Cognitive Dissonance or Normalcy Bias.

     Every time I hear about about these cases, I look into Redd Dogg's eyes and I can 'see' that he 'knows' what emotion I am experiencing. Woe be it to whomever does harm to Redd Dogg is all I can say.


     I will let the videos/articles speak for themselves. (Interestingly, though, I have not received any refuting comments on this blog thus far. Hard to refute truth.) (Please report broken links.)

     The following links come from some of the websites I read daily and they are attributed in the links.

Police State:

       ad infinitum....too many to list. You get the picture. Know your rights! STAND UP for them! Always.

     The US Dollar is on life support (FED QE), but for how much longer. It cannot be sustained. Math proves this. This needs to happen, actually.

Social Breakdown:

     The number of disturbing acts by 'people' all over grow with each day. The terrible treatment of children and animals is a very disturbing indicator.

     The above lists are very small, indeed, when one looks at the 'big picture'. If everyone effects change in their immediate vicinity, eventually we can turn this tide.


     I just came across the following 'rant' compilation from the Alex Jones Infowars site and felt it was spot on.

     We here listen to most of Alex's Radio Broadcast and can 'see' exactly what he talks about. Having been 'awake' for years now, we find everything Alex says to be, most times, something we already know. He does, however, shed new light each week to let us know what is going on.

     For those just beginning to awaken, go easy with Alex. He is very much "AWAKE" and intense with passion. Do not let 'overload' deter you. Take Alex in 'sips' until you come to grips with the reality he is revealing.

     Holy shite!, just came across this one too! OK. I may find a few more so from here, I will just post them and try to contain my commentary so Alex can speak.....

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Is Racism something that is Real?.....or is it manufactured?

     First off, I need it to be known that I have not had cable TV for over 8 years and therefore have not been exposed to things like.....Commercials,........PSM's,........Mainstream Media,......Local 'News'.......and Political Ads. (I do READ news for a minimum of 1.5 hours each morning.) I have read quite a bit and am aware of what is going on around me. I just have a different perspective on it. So, this post is going to be about a topic that MSM, Talking Heads, Pundits, Fake Reverends.....oh hell, everyone with a mouth, has been shooting off about: RACISM (As they want you to think of it.) 

Here is my view:

     I am a Human. I am a member of the Human Race. Therefore my race is Human. Considering that, the CORRECT definition of a Racist would then be: Someone (presumably of a different race) who doesn't like/care for me BECAUSE I am a Human. Make sense? Yes. It does.
(Have you ever thought of it like that?)

     With that definition in mind, think of all the MSM 'News' you have seen where they are all spouting out their pie holes about 'Racism'. Are they using the word correctly?........No. They are not. Ever wonder why?.......Seriously. Think about it. Why are they using this word incorrectly? From my point of view, it is being used incorrectly in order to GENERATE hate, discontent and violence. Does this play into the whole Police State shite?.....Yes, but that is for another discussion.
Let's get back to what the MSM is calling Racism.

     PREJUDICE.......Go ahead and say it out loud......It's OK, you are allowed to........Prejudice. (From this point forward, when I use the word Prejudice, be aware that this is what MSM is using the word Racism to describe.)

     I, as well as everyone else, was NOT born Prejudice. I learned it just like you did. As I grew up and experienced life.

Am I, to this day, Prejudiced?.....Absolutely.
Are some of my Prejudices aimed at other Humans?......Absolutely.
Does having Prejudices make me a 'bad' person?........No.
Do your Prejudices make you a 'bad' person?........No.

     Prejudice is how we make our lives more suited to ourselves. I am sure you have heard people say that you should 'surround yourself with things you like' ..or ..'things that make you happy'.... Right? .... Well, we use Prejudice to do exactly that.

          Example: I don't like cigarette smoke. I do not associate (hang out with, surround myself with or engage with) Humans that smoke. (For the record: I used to smoke.) By selectively screening OUT people that smoke, I am exercising MY Prejudice to make MY life more suitable to ME. To make my life happier. Does having this Prejudice mean that I treat smoking Humans like shite?.......No.... Does it mean that I am rude to them?....No.... In public, I am just as friendly to smoking Humans as I am to non-smoking Humans when they are around me. We laugh at jokes. Share stories. Discuss issues. Etc...

Is this RACISM?.......No.

     Using myself, let's examine three Prejudices I have and see how they pan out under self-scrutiny.

Prejudice #1. Loud music in cars: Have you ever been driving when your favorite 'song of the day' comes on?,,,,,Sure you  have. Me too, and yeah, I DO turn it up to 'jam'. (Note: I do not have a 'modified' stereo system in my car. No amp, no thump thump-speakers, etc..) BUT!!!!!, there are LIMITS I observe to this Behaviour/Coice! I will NOT do it in a residential area. Only on main roads or interstates.  I Consider other Humans because when I am sitting in my living room watching a good documentary, I do not want to hear someone else's Boom-Boom rattling my windows and drowning out my show. This Prejudice could actually be boiled down to: not liking/avoiding Inconsiderate Humans. 

Is this RACISM?......No.

Prejudice #2. Talking loudly on a cell phone in public. (Again, a Behaviour/Coice.) This one is easy. I don't like it and I don't do it. (Simple one, that.) First off, I have NO desire to share my 'goings on' with everyone as it is none of their business AND they most likely don't want to hear it. Secondly, it is just plain rude. This prejudice could be boiled down to not liking/avoiding rude Humans.

Is this RACISM?.......No.

Prejudice #3. Fog lamps 'on' in clear weather. (Once again, a Behaviour/Choice. See the pattern yet?)
For me, this is a daily annoyance. You see, I ride my bicycle 5 miles to work each day at 0520 Hrs, so it is dark out. More and more Humans are Coosing to use their Fog Lamps in clear weather. Why?....I have no damned clue. I can tell you one thing though: They BLIND THE LIVING SHITE OUT OF ANYONE ONCOMING!!! Humans that Choose this Bahviour are rude AND inconsiderate to all those around them. I have to wonder WTF they are thinking.....if they are thinking at all. So, I don't care for any Human that does this. This Prejudice is a combination of the first two: Not liking/avoiding Humans that are BOTH rude AND inconsiderate.

Is this RACISM?........No.

     Ok, let us take a moment to look at some similarities in these three Prejudices:

1. None of them had ANYTHING to do with a Human's skin color/Nation of origin etc.. (Very important, that.)
2. All of them had to do with Behaviour/Choices.
3. All of them were things that DO NOT make my life happier.
4. All of them are things that I actively avoid.
5. All of them have to do with things I cannot (and have no business trying to) control.
6. All of them are things that can only be controlled by those that Choose to do them.

Does ANY of this make me RACIST?.......No.

     So, for me, my Prejudices are applied to all Humans. They are filters that I use to surround myself with other Humans that are NOT rude and/or inconsiderate. That makes my life happier. Am I treating those other Humans badly?.....No. In all other social respects, I am polite, considerate and attentive to them. I just don't.......bring them into my Personal Circle. I don't associate with them. That's it.

Am I a RACIST?.....No.

     I have had this discussion with a co-worker and he said:

"Most of the things (Behaviours/Choices) I am Prejudiced about are things (Behaviours/Choices) that Humans with dark skin do".

My reply:

"I have NO control over the Choices other Humans make concerning their own Behaviours, no matter what color their skin is. Skin color is irrelevant."

I asked him(my co-worker):

"Does my application of Prejudice hurt/damage, in any way, another Human or infringe on their personal rights/liberties"?

His reply:


     I do want to add to that last bit: His (my co-worker) observation on the Behaviours of Humans with darker skin was abstract and invalid as Humans with lighter skin color do the same things. When I pointed this fact out to him, he was somewhat taken aback. I imagine he had some things to think about, as the conversation ended.

     I cannot profess to rightly know why the perception of Prejudice is being manipulated as RACISM by the MSM, Government, nauseum. I have my suspicions, but they are mine and mine alone. If, by some chance, I come across facts that can prove something, I will say so. Until that time, I will keep my suspicions to myself. (Your best bet to find out for yourself is here. Note: I do more reading and following the links than watching the videos. I just prefer to read.)

     Suffice to say, the whole 'deal' about RACISM is a load of shite. It is a FICTION being IMPRESSED into the collective subconscious of the entire populace. Most likely for some nefarious purpose. It is incumbent upon US......We the see past the rightly know what is true and what is false. It is OUR personal responsibility to actively seek out truth AND understanding of all things. That being, the words we choose to use when we speak to convey our thoughts/feelings. To rightly know and understand the words spoken to us. To approach ALL situations with the mind that "I am Human. You are Human." and if there is a friction between us, WE have a duty to society to at least try to resolve the situation. If no resolution is at hand, then agree to be civil when in public and just avoid conflicting circumstances.

     Hate and conflict only serve to keep We the People divided. We cannot allow that to happen. It is happening right now and We the People must stop it. It is a distraction aimed at keeping us from seeing rightly.

Is RACISM a fact? is fiction.

So, don't live in a fairy tale.

(I look forward to your comments/questions.)

Disclaimer: I added a link to Alex Jones' Infowars page. Though I love Alex Jones, this does not mean that I am employed by Infowars or Alex himself. He's just a decent chap with tonnes of great information and has no fear in 'putting it out there'. Use it as a base to follow links, and you will see for yourself.

Sunday, December 7, 2014


     I am a proponent for people educating themselves. Unfortunately most Americans stop learning when they leave 'school'. The current Government Controlled Education System fosters the belief that once you r done with 'School' you need not worry about learning any more. This is dead wrong.

     Years ago, when I first came across Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal it was like light came on. I would urge all Americans to check it out. Start with this little gem I came across this morning.

     In that gem, Gerald mentions Occupy Peace. A movement I will have to check out. I will post an update once I have.

Update: I know. That was fast. LOL (Gotta love the internet, right?) Here is a link to the site. Obviously, the site is new and they still have work to do but you can sign up for the newsletters/info now. When it picks up steam you will be notified via e-mail. I signed up. Please consider doing so yourself.