Friday, November 21, 2014


     In the Immortal words of the Late Joan Rivers.."Can we talk here?"....

     Let me start by saying that I am a proponent for immigration. I believe ALL people have the right to seek immigration to ANY country they so choose. The process and procedures for doing so will vary from country to country of course, and that should NOT come as any surprise. 

     Yes. I do believe it is time to update the immigration laws. They are, after all, quite antiquated. For a sitting President to BYPASS the very foundation of the country to effect a change in laws he has NO RIGHT to alter on his own, is a serious breach! For this to happen without uprising of We The People, as I witness now, is a sad state of affairs.

     I have a friend that I met at a previous job years ago. He is an American. His parents immigrated from Mexico. I was at his side for the years it took for him to get his wife and daughter to the US. He obeyed the laws. He went through the laborious process. He waited the time needed. He did all the paperwork. He did what was needed and was rewarded with the approval and now his family is as one here in the USA. Success story as far as I am concerned. Yes. It was hard for him. Yes. There was worry and anguish. And yes, there were times he felt like giving up. (That is a major reason I believe we need reform in our immigration laws.) But he didn't give up.

     I have spoke with him, on several occasions, about the ILLEGALS in this country and much to my surprise, he was quite hostile to toward them. He was resentful. He wanted to know why the hell they think they have a RIGHT to stay when they were breaking the laws. He did what was needed and they didn't after all.

     For me, it is very difficult. I have no desire to offend him in any way, but I do find myself getting into such a.........hissy fit.. that I use derogatory remarks when referring to ILLEGALS. Thankfully, he does the same thing and we laughed about it. 

     I guess that all I can say is that I can not abide ILLEGALS. They should ALL, down to the last, be kicked out of the USA and BANNED from ever trying to come back. They are starting off on the wrong foot. (Would you start a new job by breaking the rules?)Those that do the right thing and obey the laws should be allowed enter. After all, If I were to break a law here, I would go to jail. To reward ILLEGALS for breaking the law is a very bad precedent. For a President to violate the Constitution is also a very bad precedent. (Do you hear that OBAMA!!!!!!!)

     I feel that I have vented my spleen, now. So, to all of you who wish to come to America.....I say: Welcome.... Follow the law... Do what is right.... Wait the needed time. (I know it is a pain in the ass.) And come on over.

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