Saturday, November 8, 2014


     At first, I though Facebook was kind of neat. I didn't post anything of a personal nature, just articles and, here and there, commentary. Initially, I received comments. Most positive, a few not so. I was fine with that as not all people think the same. I found the whole experience somewhat more beneficial than this blog, so I deleted the blog and went Facebook full time even though my blog had garnered followers from all over the world.

     Here I am, a few years later, leaving Facebook and returning to my blog.

     First and foremost, let me say that the main reason for my return to the blog is this: Context. To me, context is very important. It allows for a better understanding of the idea/concept being imparted via script. As there are no vocal intonations or facial expression, the reader has to do their best to figure out the context of a post. To try to figure out from 'where' the writer is coming and where they are 'going' with whatever it is they are posting. On Facebook, where posts are decidedly short, a lot is lost in translation by the reader. When that happens, 'conversations' begin to skew. A wrong interpretation leads to questions. Those questions are unanswered and individuals get 'upset'. They respond while they are 'upset' and that too is misinterpreted by the posting individual. (You can see where this is going.) Suffice to say, we end up hearing news that someone, somewhere, went to another's home and assaults or kills someone over a Facebook post. How stupid is that? (I won't even get into the 'friending' and 'unfriending' wars.)

     Moreover, I have witnessed others, whom are adults, acting out in the most childish manner. Name calling is usually where this starts. For the loss of context, these individuals are reduced to the basest of human emotion and by their actions (postings) turn Facebook into a who's who of kindergarten antics. At least that is how I see it. (Especially when the dirty laundry begins to fly.)

     'Liking' posts/pictures etc. was another item that bothered me. Did you ever get a message from a 'FB Friend' asking if you saw one of their posts or pictures? I did. When I answered in the affirmative I was asked, quite plainly, 'Why I did't like it'. I said I did like it. See the confusion? I liked it but I didn't 'Like' it. (I didn't click the 'Like' button.) Do I really have to click that damned thing? Can't I just like it in my head? Why is it so important that I click it? So others can see that your post is popular? Is it an ego thing or a need to feel accepted or insecurities in a non-social setting? So many questions when I have too many already. People getting upset over something a trivial as that is like brushing my teeth with sand spurs.

     As things turn out, that is not for me. There is enough going on in the world and in my life to have to witness those kinds of shenanigans. I did, however, like the aspect of posting pictures and will miss that part. Also, the messaging was convenient, but I have E-mail for that. (No sense in buying milk when you have a cow.) I can share my blog post of daily 'News Articles' on Facebook and will do so if asked.

     ...and now I return to my blog. Where I can, at least, have a much better canvas to paint on.

   UPDATE: Yes, I deactivated my FB for ever.

UPDATE 2: Having been Facebook free and talking to some close to me, I can 'see' what it does to people. All the bickering and embarrassment, assaults for not 'friending' or 'liking', destruction of property, lowering of IQ's, the feminization of men, teen girls posting like harlots, the breaking down of REAL social structure AND actual murders over comments and friending! I AM REGRETFUL FOR EVER HAVING A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT!

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