Sunday, November 23, 2014


     Many moons ago, when I lived in Virginia Beach, Va, I too used to put quarters in expired parking meters. (Especially if there was a 'Meter Maiden' nearby.) Doing so gave me a sense of 'helping out' AND a small bit of 'Sticking it to the Man' as I would 'tee-hee' to the frown of said 'Maiden'.

     I was, on one occasion, stopped by a Parking Enforcement Officer and told what I was doing was illegal. Now, I don't know if it really is illegal or not. I am sure there are some towns that have made it so just to keep the revenue flowing into the City coffers, but in that case I was too ignorant of the local laws to know if I had, indeed, violated the law.

     I asked the Officer if he was going to arrest me for it and he smiled and said "No, Doing that for a complete stranger was a nice thing to do" and I went about my merry way. I believe that my intention was pure, even though I did get that little 'Stick it to the Man' thrill. It was my intention that mattered. I was just doing a stranger a favor with no expectation of anything in return.

     In Keene, N.H, as I have read here, there is a political motivation behind the meter-feeders and they are also adding to the mix by being belligerent to the Enforcing Officers(PEO). This is not a good thing. There are better ways of 'Demonstrating' ones ire over parking fines. Harassing and belligerence toward Parking Enforcement Officers is out of line. (Note: The article said nothing about the PEO being belligerent so there is that possibility to explain the belligerence of the 'Feeders'.)

     Either way, if you see an expired meter, go ahead a drop a quarter and move on. Not to make a 'Statement', but just to be nice.

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