Sunday, January 4, 2015


     I will let the videos/articles speak for themselves. (Interestingly, though, I have not received any refuting comments on this blog thus far. Hard to refute truth.) (Please report broken links.)

     The following links come from some of the websites I read daily and they are attributed in the links.

Police State:

       ad infinitum....too many to list. You get the picture. Know your rights! STAND UP for them! Always.

     The US Dollar is on life support (FED QE), but for how much longer. It cannot be sustained. Math proves this. This needs to happen, actually.

Social Breakdown:

     The number of disturbing acts by 'people' all over grow with each day. The terrible treatment of children and animals is a very disturbing indicator.

     The above lists are very small, indeed, when one looks at the 'big picture'. If everyone effects change in their immediate vicinity, eventually we can turn this tide.

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