Sunday, December 7, 2014


     I am a proponent for people educating themselves. Unfortunately most Americans stop learning when they leave 'school'. The current Government Controlled Education System fosters the belief that once you r done with 'School' you need not worry about learning any more. This is dead wrong.

     Years ago, when I first came across Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal it was like light came on. I would urge all Americans to check it out. Start with this little gem I came across this morning.

     In that gem, Gerald mentions Occupy Peace. A movement I will have to check out. I will post an update once I have.

Update: I know. That was fast. LOL (Gotta love the internet, right?) Here is a link to the site. Obviously, the site is new and they still have work to do but you can sign up for the newsletters/info now. When it picks up steam you will be notified via e-mail. I signed up. Please consider doing so yourself.

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