Sunday, December 7, 2014


     Back in my Navy days I began to come to a realization: The two-party system doesn't work. We the People keep electing 'Professional Politicians' and We the People keep losing our asses.

     Both sides of our political spectrum are bought and paid for by the Corporate Lobbyists and do nothing for We the People. They espouse what we want to hear when running for office, then turn their backs on us when elected. They raise more taxes, increase the size of the 'Corporate Government' (CorpGov), create MORE laws, create MORE regulations, engage in imperialistic wars and now, we have someone in the Office of the President who acts like a king. Blatantly violating the Constitution he SWORE to uphold. He is a liar. Then again, so are all the others.

     Do yourselves a favor. Read this excellent article from Freedom Outpost written by Dr. Robert Owens. 

     I have been voting third party for years now and each time, I see the number of third party votes increase........, but only by a bit. It is nigh time that We the People exert OUR POWER. We need to stop voting for millionaire psychopaths that are hell bent on spending this country out of existence. We need term limits on EVERY single elected position in Government with lower pay and benefits. The enticement to 'Serve' should be the desire to do what is Right for our Country, not money and power.

     I once read 'Never trust someone who seeks a position of power and vote for someone who is reluctant to hold power'. I do not remember who wrote it or it I even remember the wording correctly, but you get the idea. George Washington did NOT want to be President. (They don't teach THAT in Gubment Schools.) He wanted to retire to his farm. He reluctantly accepted the position at the behest of the other founding fathers. He saw it as his duty to the Country.

     I am registered to vote, but have no 'Party Affiliation'. I am NOT part of a 'group'. I am an American. I don't vote for a 'party', I vote for America.

     We the People CAN restore the Republic........but we are running out of time.

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